National Finals 21st Sept 2013 © Blackett Photography
Sponsors and Thank You's
The people who make it possible!
Special Thanks to:-

All the guys at work
All the guys from the planet Bristol
Bill Sly of BadBoys Imagin
for his pictures and graphics
Visit the BadBoys Imagin website.

MotorShack Motorsport
The Online Automotive Superstore
Visit the MotorShack website.

Dave Armstrong
350 Block and Crank
Pete Watkins
Machining & Scalextrix modeling!!!
Trev Merrett
Wiring & Ex-Crewman
Mark Powell
Polishing, Cockpit Logo & Flames
Paul Stubbings & Wendy Baker
Trailer, Injection Parts and Advice & House-moving!
Jim Seward, Mitch, Vince Shaw
Injection Advice
Bob Ford
Body Work
Ricky Jones
Mike Taylor
Sovereign Motors, Bristol
Gary Baird
Truck Paint, Stickers, Con-Rods from USA
Steve Couzens
Original Red Paint Job
Road Zombie
Red Metalflake Paint Job
John Guthrie & Mark Fryer
"Loan" of Gearbox & Torque Converter
Roy Wilding
Loads and loads - too much to mention!

Race Suit and Safety Equipment
This Website, Handout Flyer, Computer Graphics, Stickers and Computer work
Visit the website
Ron Fisher
For all help, Crew, Wild Bunch etc.
Dominic Romney of Modern Pics
For many photos:
Visit his site on:
Ian Blackett of Blackett Photography
For many photos:
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Peter Donaldson
For many photos:
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Jeni Long of Yawning Cat Photography
For many photos:
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Ingrid and Martin Chesworth
For many photos
Jon Spoard
For many photos:
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Julian Hunt
For many photos:
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Tog of fame
For many photos:
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Kirstie Tramm of
For a fantastic Cacklefest photo
Patrik Jacobsson
For many photos:
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Andy Willsheer
For many photos
Roger Gorringe
For many photos:
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Steve Weston
For many photos:
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Martin Drake
For many photos:
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Ivan & Rose Sansom
For many photos
Nealie of Retro Photo
For many photos:
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Dave Derry
For photo discs:
Visit his site on:
Richard Heeps Photography (01223) 513721
for some of the pictures on this site.

Signs - Banners - Company Plaques - Control panels
Badges - Directional Signs - Window Graphics - Labels
Health & Saftey Signs - Stencils - Brass, Aluminium, Wood, Plastics
Any Quantity - Fast Delivery

Tel 0117 935 3207 Fax 0117 935 3694
Unit 10 Moravian Road Business Park, Moravian Road, Kingswood, Bristol
Karen Talbot
for crew shirts embroidery - they look wicked
Helen Smythe
of Belle Designs

Wicked embroidered red PVC engine, cockpit and parachute covers
Visit her website on:
Slingshot caricature, Tattoo design & Nostalgia Cockpit cover !
Plus Galleon, Horse, Rocket and Dragon drawings!
Simon Cole, Mark Gulwell
Miscellaneous stuff.
for purple metalflake paint job.
Phil Sweeney
for the purple flake.
Jay Staynings of Blitz Paintwork
for the red metalflake canopy paint job & rear wheel cover.
that has ever helped as part-time Crew / Tow Vehicle (most of the Wild Bunch regulars!!)
that has ever given me advice, support and encouragement!!
And last
but by no means least
my family:-

Mum and Dad, Claire, Lee, Sarah, Liam TJ and Bella, Mike, Mark & Jade Hartnell